Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

Maggie and Will

Feeding the animals


Riding the hayride!

Michael and Jonathan on the hayride!


Riding the train with Jonathan

July 2012

July 2012
Allen Fireworks with the Martin's
Maggie and Will watching fireworks and eating ice cream!
On the Fourth I took Will ice skating for the first time.  He loves hockey and when we go to the mall he likes to watch the hockey players.  Today he got to try out ice skating!

McKinney Fireworks!
 July 6th is Papa's birthday and July 21st Grandma's birthday so we headed to the lake to have a joint celebration.  Aunt Missy brought some wonderful cookies to have.
 Happy Birthday Grandma and Papa!
 Feeding the ducks with grandma.

 Fishing with daddy!

The Kovash's came to visit too! 
 All the boys catching some fish!

 Building with Sterling and Hudson!
 Daddy took of some time around the Fourth and we took Will to Lego Land and the Aquarium. 
Daddy and Will road the ride together and daddy made sure they went really high!!
 Lego Dallas!
 Lego airport.  This was Will's favorite part!
 Checking out all of the animals at the aquarium.

 What a fun family day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tennesse Trip!

The last week in June Will and went to TN to visit one of our good friends, Tricia.  Will has been on a plane before but he was 1 so he doesn't remember.  I knew he would be so excited so I didn't tell him until 3 days before we left.  When we got on the plane he was so intersted in the seat belt that he must have buckled and unbuckled 100 times.  After take off we had out own little "in flight" movie. 

 When we landed in Johnson City Tricia took us to Roan Mountain where we spent 2 nights camping. When I say camping I mean my kind of camping, Winnebago style!   Ron had the camp sight all ready for us.  He also cooked a yummy hamburger dinner on the grill. 

 Bed Time!! Tricia was all ready for Will.  She had bought a special rail for Will so he wouldn't fall out!
 Trying out mommy's bed! 

Will and Tricia 
The next morning we went for a hike.  It was beautiful! We even had to wear jackets in the morning...that doesn't ever happen in Texas in June!

 Will and mommy

 After out hike we drove to Boone NC for a nice lunch and a little shopping.  Will got some goodies!

 Back at the camp.  Will playing with a bus.  Tricia was so sweet to get her toys out for him.  He loved putting things in his bus and taking them for a drive. 

 Tricia had also borrowed a bike from a neighbor.  Will was all set and had plenty to keep him busy.  It was hard finding a flat place to ride his bike but we found one.  Aren't those mountains beautiful?

 Our camp sight.  Surrounded by huge trees and mountatins! 

That night we went to town to call daddy ( no service in the mountatins) and get a treat before going deer hunting.  When I mean deer hunting I mean hunting with our eyes and our camera. 

 We saw a ton of deer...they were every where. 

Will looking out of the window.  It's night time. 
After a very full day we got a bath and were ready for bed. 

 The next morning we walked around a little more.  It was just beautiful.
Will found a little park and enjoyed swinging ...

 and sliding.  I hadn't seen a slide like this one since I was a little girl.
 Will loved it!

 On our way back to Tricia's house we stoped by a beautiful lake and had a picnic lunch.  We also found the beach and Will got to wade in the water.  The water was cold!

 That night we just had to do dinner at Chick fil A.  When Tricia lived in Texas we would do Chick Fil A once a week.  She and Will had there little thing...she would always get him ice cream after he ate.  So of course after Will ate his dinner Tricia got him ice cream. 

Tricia's neighbors had a pool but that water was cold too...we didn't swim long.   

 Trampoline time! 

 We brought popcicles to the kids down the street and got to play with there cool toys. 

 Will loved this tractor after he got the hang of how to drive it.  He told me he wanted Santa to bring him one. It was pretty neat.   

 Tricia's little helper. Will loves water and enjoyed watering Tricia's plants.

 Breakfast outside!

The last day just happened to be trash day!  Now this is Will's favorite day of the week at home.  We always have to run outside when we hear it coming...and this boy has good ears.  I think he can hear it from a mile away.  So it was no different at Tricia's house.  He waited and waited as it went up the street and back down until...
 it picked up Tricia's trash!

Then of course had to help Ron take the can back up the VERY steep driveway! 

We had such a fantastic time visiting the Smith's.  We are glad we got to visit such a beautiful part of the country.